Sitting Down is Apparently Killing You….What Else is New.

In Uncategorized on May 12, 2011 at 8:50 am

Those lovely people at Daily Infographic have shared a thrilling and dramatic (I’m not even being sarcastic!) presentation on the dangers of….sitting:

Because if everything else in this world (pesticides, car fumes, iphones, microwaves…I could go on) wasn’t already making you shit-scared about your length of life, you now have a fresh thing to worry about – how much time you spend sitting down each day.

Apparently we all sit around too much, which is making us fat and giving us heart problems. This was non-existent in ye olde times, the presentation emphasises, because they were “toiling in the fields” and therefore working off their dinner of gruel.  And were also probably drinking unpasteurised milk and eating things that were off and getting lovely diseases and DYING FROM THAT.

Anyway they provide excellent alternatives to sitting. Like sitting at a 135 degree angle. Which looks like this:

Which looks extremely professional, I must say. Definitely workplace-appropriate. And I can totally still reach the mouse with my extendable arms.


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